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Mirror’s Edge

27 July–5 August 2017
Presented by Union House Theatre

Union Theatre

Union House
University of Melbourne Victoria


Christa Jonathan
Theatre Administration & Development Officer

Written by Kim Ho
Directed by Petra Kalive

Sea Lake is dying — a tiny drought-stricken town in the heart of the Mallee. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a busload of Chinese tourists turn up to take photos on the nearby salt lake. When the sun goes down, when the light’s just right, the lake turns to mirrorwater and it’s like you’re walking on sky. Not far behind these unlikely visitors comes Kai, fleeing Melbourne, broken and adrift. As Kai begins to understand this strange new place, its cultures and stories start refracting through one another. With tenderness and humour, Mirror’s Edge explores the complexities of cross-cultural encounters. 

 Sea Lake,这个Mallee小镇的心腹之地,正在饱受干旱之苦,濒临死亡。某日,一大群远自中国的旅客们结伴而来,在盐湖附近四处拍照。日落时分,光线的映衬让平静的湖面宛若一面天空之镜,人们也如同行走在云端之上。在他们之后不久,Kai,一个迷失于墨尔本的失意者(年轻人),漂泊至此,慢慢地开始了解这个陌生的地方。在这里,不同的文化和故事即将邂逅。伴随着温情与幽默,Mirror’s Edge 将带你探索不同文化间的碰撞所迸发出的种种可能性。 

Developed as part of Cybec Electric & Asiatopa 2017 at Melbourne Theatre Company

Access: We accept Companion Cards. The Union Theatre is wheelchair accessible. The matinee performance on Saturday 5th Aug at 3pm will be a relaxed performance. There will be audio described performances available throughout the season - please email uht@union.unimelb.edu.au or call 8344 6975 for more information.

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