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29 January–8 February 2020

Irene Mitchell Studio

St Martins Youth Arts Centre
28 St Martins Lane
South Yarra Victoria


Mark Yeates


by Thalía Dudek

No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a Shark. - Warsan Shire

As their desperation grows and structure deteriorates, the new rules of this hostile world become clear. There are none. No man’s land. A rift in time. Eight young adults find refuge in each other, an attempted normalcy in their war-torn world under the watchful leadership of Aya. When a stranger arrives, the group is forced to face the reality of their circumstances: trapped, with sickness slowly spreading and running out of food.

Land, inspired by the unspoken trauma of placelessness, investigates the curious temporal space created when there is no longer such a thing as ‘home’. What happens when we have nothing to define us but ourselves, who we are at this exact moment? Land is a 48 hour window into the lives of those walking the dangerous line between light and dark in an attempt to relearn what it is to be themselves.

Land is the debut play by Melbourne playwright and Three Fates Artistic Director Thalía Dudek. Growing up in a nomadic family, Land was inspired by Thalía’s own experiences of placelessness. In 2018 it was selected as a development piece for the Arts Centre’s program, Small and Loud, and has been the subject of Three Fates Theatre Company’s two workshop intensives, facilitated by Ruby Rees.

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