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Heathers: The Musical

19–21 September 2019

Union Theatre

Union House
University of Melbourne Victoria


Cameron Everett

Queen's College Music and Drama Society is delighted to present Heathers: The Musical! Based on the 1989 cult film, it tells the story of teen outcast Veronica Sawyer – her allegiance with the beautiful and popular Heathers, and the violent chaos that ensues. Heathers is known for its kitschy 80s style and overwhelming teen angst, with daringly black humour and light, pithy treatment of typically maudlin subject matter. However, underneath a thick layer of satire lies a very genuine story: there are life and death stakes, complex, lovable characters, poignant love ballads, and a big beating heart of overflowing teenage emotion.

Content Warning 

Please be aware that Heathers is a dark comedy which deals with and depicts adult subject matter, particularly suicide, drug and alcohol use and sex. 

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