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Intermediate Secrets

4–5 July 2016
Presented by Open Body


757 Swanston Street
Carlton Victoria


Sara Laurena
Creative Producer

Tickets cover two shows:

INTERMEDIATE: Room 419, building 757 Swanston St
THE SECRETS GARDEN: Room 418, building 757 Swanston St


This is a new performance work by Henrik Green, challenging the value(s) we assign to a material artwork. Developed in response to his work Museum As A Cathedral with the philosophical investigation group at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, the art performance work will explore ritual, creativity and spontaneity in a performance setting.

The Secrets Garden

This is an interactive theatre piece by Julia Lambert involving audience members giving and receiving secrets from the audience. Inspired by childhood innocence and the code of friendship, this piece is an insight into the human condition and the things we write, but might never say out loud, The Secrets Garden is a place to let go of your anxiety and free someone else of theirs. Has a 'follow me down the rabbit hole' Alice in Wonderland sort of vibe.

These 2 shows are the first instalment of 6 shows.

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Open Body

Presenter of Intermediate Secrets.