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Two Wrongs Don't Make a Play, Right?

13–14 April 2019
Presented by Juicy Comedy

Missing Persons

Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street
Melbourne Victoria


Alex McFadden

"Friends" Lucy and JG are two dysfunctional idiots. Well, one functional idiot and one dysfunctional genius. Together they bring the worst out of each other, and they’re trying to write a play. Things quickly descend into madness due to some...personal conflicts. Two wrongs don't make a play, right?

James “JG” Gordon and Lucy “Luseale” Seale have been performing stand-up and sketch comedy for two years, and they’ve finally combined their mental efforts to fill out a Melbourne International Comedy Festival application form. Both coming from a theatre background, this is their fifth (and possibly final) show together (we'll see how it goes). 

Given that these two performers spend a large percentage of their stage time bickering with one and other, some have questioned if doing a show together really is the right move? ('some' being Lucy and JG). Yet here we are, a bit of stand up, a bit of theatre, a bit of sketch, a lot of fun and a concerning amount of codswallop. What could possibly go wrong? Right? ... You'll just have to come along to find out. 

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