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(un)Australian - a Double Bill

2–4 May 2019
Presented by FLW Theatre

Guild Theatre

Level 1, Union House
University of Melbourne Victoria


Ada Coxall

A term that allegedly dates back to 1855 (No, Seriously). Things that have previously been accused of being ‘un-Australian’ include: ball-tampering, backstabbing politicians, referring to thongs as ‘flip-flops’, befriending New-Zealanders, holding a non-Australian passport, vegetarianism, various governments’ asylum seeker policies, and even worker strikes in the 90s.

Inherent in the question of what it means for something to be un-Australian, is the question of what it means to be Australian.

Four Letter Word Theatre gives you two new comedies that seem to offer more questions than they answer. This double bill show provides a response to the prejudice and paradox, the illusion, delusion and confusion at the heart of the Australian psyche.

'Elbow Lotion' by Esther Cowen
'Yellow Swan' by Maki Morita

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