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The Lieutenant of Inishmore

16–25 April 2015
Presented by FLW Theatre

Guild Theatre

Level 1, Union House
University of Melbourne Victoria


Jeanette Tong

FLW Theatre presents: The Lieutenant of Inishmore by Martin McDonagh

“Isn’t it him the IRA wouldn’t let in cause he was too mad?!”

Padraic Osbourne, The Madman of Aran, is coming home. And woe to any who stand between him and his precious Wee Thomas.

FLW Theatre tackles this black comedy head on by combining the creative force of director Kevin Turner (Columbine, 2013: A Space O-Show) and a talented cast and crew. With McDonagh's ridiculous comedic style taking pride of place in this production's priorities, The Lieutenant of Inishmore promises 90 minutes of gut splitting insanity.

This slapstick tale of outstandingly violent revenge is enhanced by means of an innovative and transformable design. The powerful soundtrack heightens the fanatical agendas found throughout the play while also tying together the piece's structure and complimenting the vividly musical, and intricate, language that has become synonymous with McDonagh.


On Thursday 23rd April, the performance will be interpreted by Auslan specialists.

The Guild Theatre is wheelchair accessible. If you require wheelchair access or any mobility assistance, please notify us at this time. We will arrange for Front of House staff to assist you when you arrive at the theatre.

Warning: This show contains loud noises and use of weapons onstage.

Image credit: Daniel Lammin

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