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20–22 October 2016

Union Theatre

Union House
University of Melbourne Victoria

There are moments in our lives when we are placed in a challenging environment. Sometimes we feel that overcoming them is near impossible. We feel defeated and no longer have the strength to keep fighting on our own. In these times of desperation and struggle, we can always find strength from those around us. Their support, encouragement, and love can give us that much needed burst of energy to push through any obstacle. These experiences have helped shape who we are. We have learned to rise higher in life and in dance. We will reach our goals together as one. We are Flare.

Ascendance marks a huge milestone for Flare Dance Ensemble - this will be our 15th production in our 16th year as an organisation. We give our love and gratitude to those who came before us. This is our tribute to you.

Companion tickets are available for those patrons requiring attendant care at the performance - please send a copy of your companion or health card to ticketing@flaredance.com for more details.

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