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Nanjing, Beijing 南 京 北 京

17–19 September 2015
Presented by Chinese Music Group

Union Theatre

Union House
University of Melbourne Victoria


Yingying Xu
Marketing Team Director

The furthest distance in the world
Is not when I stand in front of you
Yet you can’t see my love
But when undoubtedly knowing the love from both
Yet cannot be together
—Rabindranath Tagore

After ten months in the making since the end of 2014, ‘Nanjing, Beijing’ brings to stage the differing ideas of love and life that are on today’s young people’s minds, in a set of twenty original compositions in various styles ranging from rock and pop to world music.

Jing, from Malaysia, is getting married soon. But as the big day draws ever closer, she becomes increasingly anxious, lost in troubled thoughts of her lover, her friends, her family, her memories… In time the truth comes to light, a relentless wave reaching out from the darkest corners, silently breaking apart what was once the peaceful days. Should we abide by tradition in the world of love? Should we fight to our last breath for the love of our life? Our love – to be divided among us. In this battle of romance, what is it that makes one yearn for love yet refuse to be loved, leads another to give up on sacred promises, and unleashes courage from the weakest of minds?

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Melbourne University Chinese Music Group (CMG), together with the writer of CMG’s 2013 production ‘The Butterfly Lovers’, this year we will present a perfect combination of music, dance and theatre that challenges the traditional interpretation of love in Chinese musicals. ‘Nanjing, Beijing’ will make its debut in Melbourne in September 2015.

Performances are presented in Mandarin with English and Chinese surtitles.

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Chinese Music Group

Presenter of Nanjing, Beijing 南 京 北 京.